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Value Discovery

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Strategic Sourcing Executive Leadership Commitee (SSELC)

The DMSCA Strategic Sourcing Executive Leadership Council (SSELC) is led by Ric Schneider, CPO, Abbott and includes other executive leaders such as Brant Mathews, CPO, McCormick and Co.; Josh Ghiam, Chief Technology Officer, Johnson & Johnson; Steve Nowak, CPO, Owens Corning; Jason Thornton, Siemens Industry, Inc., Mobility Division, Supply Chain Management,GS SCM MO-P RC-US; and others.

The SSELC has been formed to:

  • Advocate to non-DMSCA Member Corporations value of CMP Supplier Supply Chain Performance Maturity Certification as an assurance of Performance Risk Mitigation 
  •  Support Initiatives such as the below Supply Chain  Longitudinal Supply Chain Value Management Study as a vehicle for the co-discovery of Supplier Value and Innovation
  • Foster Sourcing and Buying Organization (SBO) appreciation for the aforementioned CMP Suppliers Supply Chain Management Training and the below referenced Supply Chain and Blockchain Case Studies and CY18 Supplier Performance App.
  • Provide guidance to DMSCA on the development of the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) to meet market place demand



CMP Supplier Advisory Committee (CMP-SAC)

 A committee of engaged CMP Suppliers will:

  • Meet once a year with the SSELC to address Supplier Development issues and concerns
  • Advise DMSCA on CMP Program direction and recommendations for improvement
  • Provide input to DMSCA on Supplier Education and Training needs
  • Provide input on how the resources of the DMSCA Supplier Development Foundation could be used to support Supplier needs



Supply Chain Longitudinal Value Management Study at MIT

With the support of the SSELC and participating Large Corporations, John R. Hauser, Ph.D - Kirin Professor of Marketing at M.I.T.'s Sloan School of Management; Sharmila C. Chatterjee, Ph.D -Senior Lecturer in Marketing and the Academic Head for the Enterprise Management Track at the MIT Sloan School of Management; and Suj Chandrasekhar, Ph.D, Principal with Strategic Insights   are  conducting a  Three (3) Year Longitudinal Supply Chain Value Management Study.

  • Summarily, the purpose of research is  summarily to address how Large Corporations determine, measure, and accelerate  Supplier Supply Chain value and innovation
  • The DMSCA Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) has been selected as the Supplier Development standard for Supplier engagement in order to have uniform and creditable data for research and publication purposes
  •  An objective of the research is to publish its results in Harvard Business Review
  •  Participating Large Corporation will place 4-6 Suppliers in the Study to address research objectives
  •  CMP Suppliers’ Supply Chain Performance metrics will be integral to the study design


Supply Chain Case Studies

DMSCA believes that:

  • Supply Chain Case Studies are an essential tool in how Suppliers can present their value proposition
  • Each CMP Suppliers should developed a Supply Chain Case Study to illustrate how its CMP Supplier SCORmark™ Performance Report is used to support Customer Supply Chain performance interest


Blockchain Case Studies

Blockchain  is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography; Each block contains a hash pointer as a link to a previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. By design blockchains are inherently resident to data modification and can serve as an open ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Supplier and Customer transactions through Blockchain technology are called Smart Contracts, which are self-verifying and self-executing agreements that can function anonymously and are built on a foundation of trust. One major advantage of Smart Contract is immediate payments to participating Suppliers.


DMSCA believes that:

  • Blockchain Smart Contract technology will fundamentally change how Supply Chains are managed
  • Supplier performance data reliability will be essential for inclusion in closed and trust-based Blockchain Networks
  • Supplier Blockchain enablement will enhance their capacity to both demonstrate value and capture innivation



Supplier Performance CMP Supplier Performance Database/App

Performance Benchmarking  and effective communications of Supply Chain Performance is first step in Supplier Value determination and discovery  of Innovation. As early as possible in a Supplier’s Lifecycle, Customers want assurance of a Suppliers actual performance capabilities. Corporate Sourcing and Buying Organization (SBO) appreciation for Supplier Supply Chain performance will be fostered through direct access to a CMP Suppliers Performance Database and/or App to differentiate their value. 

 The following PwC verified Level 1 Unique Supply Chain Supplier Performance Metrics and their Continuous Improvement Trend:

  • Reliability (e.g. Perfect Order Fulfillment, etc.)
  • Responsiveness (e.g. Order Fulfillment Cycle Time, etc.)
  • Agility (e.g. Upside Supply Chain Flexibility.)
  • Cost (e.g. Total Cost to Serve, etc.)
  • Asset Management (e.g. Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time, etc.)


Additionally,  Cross-Enterprise Maturity Levels will be communicated.



DMSCA Supplier Development Foundation (DMSCA-SDF)

The purpose of the DMSCA-SDF is to assist Suppliers to improve Manufacturing and Production capacity to sustain and create jobs for low and moderate income residents of impacted communities.


Grant funding will sought and used to:

  • Support Development of a Center of Supplier Enabled Innovation (SEI)
  • Assist Suppliers in management workforce training 
  • Assist Suppliers in production workforce training projects
  • Assist Suppliers in process automation and robotic equipment acquisition
  • Establishment of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Sub Zone Establishment
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